Smart Ass Chronicles

The Librarian and the Chicken

There was once a librarian who was working at her desk and noticed that a chicken walked into the library. The chicken is waiting very patiently at the front desk. As soon as the chicken sees that the librarian has noticed it standing there, it begins squawking, “Book, book” repeatedly.

The librarian decides to comply and puts a few books down on the floor in from of the chicken. The chicken immediately grabs the books in its beak and runs away.

The very next day, the same chicken comes back to the library. This is quite disturbing to the librarian. The chicken brings the books that it took the day before and sets them down on the desk and begins repeating, “Book, book” as it did the day before.

Shaking her head in disbelief, the librarian begins to wonder just what the chicken is doing with all of these books. She goes and picks out some more books for the chicken, though, and sets them down on the floor in front of it.  The chicken grabs the books in its beak and runs off with them.