Smart Ass Chronicles

The Peasant and the Mule

Long ago, there was a peasant who was very poor. He had come to his very last meal.

Kdonkey-48412_960_720nowing that he could not continue to live that way, he made the decision to sell his only possession…his mule that could talk.  Yep, this mule was a special one who could keep everyone happy with his singing and always telling funny jokes.  Though he was sad to do so, the poor peasant headed off to town in order to sell his mule.

The peasant sits on the corner of a street and a crowd begins to form because of his mule. The crowds fall on the ground laughing because that mule is so funny. After a while, a man walks up to the peasant and makes him an offer. He claims he works at the Tonight Show and wanted to have the mule on the show that very night. He claimed that his wallet had just recently been stolen, while he was on a party bus, so all he had to offer for the mule was a token for the subway.  He talked the peasant into trading the mule for what he dubbed as the “Magic Token of Good Fortune.”

As the peasant was heading home, he came to the realization that he had been cheated by the man who took his mule and he became quite sad. He decided to take the subway to the edge of the city with the token he now had in his possession. As soon as he dropped the token into the subway slot, a bunch of alarms began going off, notifying him that he was the lucky one billionth rider of the subway and, because of that, he won fifty million dollars.

In the meantime, the mule was very successful at cracking up the crowds so he ended up taking over Jay’s job. Eventually, he put every other late-night comedian out of business as well, including John, Conan, and Dave. What is the moral of the story? That a funny mule will soon be bartered.