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About Me

Mystical adventurers,

My name is Daniella Stone and I am an enthusiast of the fantastical. Within this website you will find dark fairytales and discussions on their influence within modern storytelling. As a writer of the macabre and strangely humorous, there has never been a pun or unsettling legend that I have turned my back on. If you enjoy all that goes bump in the night you have my permission to read on. Though, you have been warned.

Born in the small town of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, I was surrounded by the supernatural at a young age. The lakes and sprawling forest were always creating new local legends. Whispers spread at the school yards and sleep overs. I was immediately enthralled. Since then, I have spent my time traveling throughout the state gathering research on how American fairytales and folklore grew and expanded through the Midwest. I am currently working on my first novel about this very subject and am using this blog as an outlet for all the thoughts swimming through my brain.

If you’re looking for tales of starving Wendigo or wandering ghosts, pull up a chair, ready some hot chocolate, and prepare yourself for a story. Though beware, fore there be ghosts in these parts.